The Eyeslicer Season Two -- First Edition

The Eyeslicer Season Two -- First Edition


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Over ten hours of hot weird content including the feature-length Eyeslicer Halloween Special (which was screened as part of a 40-date tour last October), “Marlon Said to Me…,” an episode guest-curated by filmmakers Lauren Wolkstein, Jennifer Reeder, and Kelly Sears which premiered earlier this year at MoMA, Saturday Morning Slicer 1 & 2, a duo of animation-only episodes created in partnership with animation studio Cartuna, and much, much more. All available in glorious HD on a custom-designed USB drive. Plus exclusive liner notes & other goodies…


  1. ASMR Roleplay: Watching the Eyeslicer

  2. Saturday Morning Slicer

  3. The Work is Literally Endless

  4. The Internet Does Not Exist

  5. The Eyeslicer Halloween Special

  6. Canada

  7. MC Digital Native’s Guide to Love Making

  8. Anyone Can Be This Beautiful

  9. The Future (Spoiler Alert)

  10. Roomba

  11. Marlon said to me, “Maria, don’t worry, it’s just a movie”

  12. Saturday Morning Slicer 2

  13. The End of the Show/World

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