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The Eyeslicer is a mind-melting new variety TV show designed to slice, dice then mince your eyeballs into a delicious ceviche. Each episode of the show’s ten hour first season is a handcrafted mixtape that blends boundary-pushing short-form work into a weird, wild, uninterrupted whole.

From vérité documentary to amateur computer animation; surreal horror to remix video art; haunted high school yearbooks to Sasquatch birth rituals; time traveling cats to live web streams of your own birth -- if it sounds too strange for Netflix, chances are you'll see it on The Eyeslicer.

The Eyeslicer is created by Dan Schoenbrun & Vanessa McDonnell (collective:unconscious).

Season one is directed by Zia Anger, Joanna Arnow, Ari Aster, Harrison Atkins, Brad Bischoff, Frances Bodomo, Garrett Bradley, Patrick Bresnan, Tom Brown, Christina Choe, Darius Clark Monroe, Taylor Cohan, Brandon Daley, Jack Dunphy, LJ Frezza, Augustine Frizzel, Izzi Galindo, Jason Giampietro, Sam Goetz, Sasha Gransjean, Colin Healy, Efren Hernandez, Gillian Horvat, Zach Jones, Shaka King, Nellie Kluz, Daniel Laabs, Lucas Levya, Elizabeth Lo, David Lowery, Ivete Lucas, Brian Lonano, Danny Madden, Jillian Mayer, Vanessa McDonnell, Michaela Olsen, Ougie Pak, Christopher Radcliffe, Iva Radivojevic, Calvin Reeder, Jennifer Reeder, Celia Rowlson Hall, Dan Schoenbrun, Kelly Sears, Amy Seimetz, Leah Shore, Nathan Silver, Annie Silverstein, Peyton Skyler, Matthew Sullivan, Yen Tan, Erin Vassilopoulos, Ryan Weibush, Ben Wheele, Lauren Wolkstein, Olivia Wyatt, C. Spencer Yeh, and the Zellner Bros.

For questions and inquiries please reach out to " info at theeyeslicer dot com "

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The Eyeslicer -- Season One Box Set

Limited First Edition Physical Media!! Only 300 hand-numbered copies.


  • -The complete mind melting 10-episode, 10-hour first season loaded onto one custom 'sliced eye' hard drive.
  • -A hand-printed zine featuring poems, cartoons, and your complete guide to everything in The Eyeslicer season one.
  • -Exclusive poster!
  • -A rad sticker!

Cost: $40 + $5 shipping

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